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I don’t usually post during the week; however, I wanted to share a little garden visitor that I came across while I was watering the garden when I got home from work yesterday! I know crickets are pretty common for most; however, here in the middle of Oakland, CA, they are cool to see!

A well camouflaged cricket enjoys the Calla Lily

Hello Mr. Cricket, watch out for the birdies!

One of the mushrooms that have sprouted in my large planter box over the weekend continues to develop and grow larger and larger! Still not sure what it is, but, will just let it grow and run its course. I make sure that I give the patch a nice dose of water everyday to encourage continued growth. Right now, it’s about the size of an old silver dollar.

Still shroomin’ after all these years!

And, finally today, just some random photos of my plants (both at home and at work!):

Strawberry, fragaria x. lipstick’s unique flower!

Closeup of coleus v. red roof’s flowers

My tomato plant on my desk at work

Some interesting growth on my croton!!

And, as usual, my parting shots for the day, some of the local fauna to mix with the flora above!!

One of our local Canadian Geese

An Egret out fishing

Nesting birds at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA


Regards, from Oakland, CA

~ Noah


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