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…A Beautiful Day for New Growth, Oh, Won’t It Be Nice? Won’t It Be Nice? Won’t You Keep Growing, New Flowers!!!

Peace Lily flower about to unfurl

Peace Lily flower about to unfurl

As the homage to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood suggests; my patio garden is exploding in new flower growth. My little strawberry plants are finally setting their first fruits and my experimental onion has set her first flower.

Amazon Sunset; Parrot's Beak

Amazon Sunset; Parrot’s Beak

Anthurium's New Bract

Anthurium’s New Bract

Mr. Onion's first flower

Mr. Onion’s first flower

First Strawberry!!

First Strawberry!!

Of course, it is not all new growth which keeps my garden being the place I retreat to and enjoy a nice rest after a long bike ride. Many of my garden’s long-time favorites are also keeping busy trying to keep up with the upstart flower buds! My little daisies are putting on a magnificent show and continue to add a wonderful contrast to the stark whiteness of the snowflake’s delicate flowers. My newest addition; Dahlia v. Mystic Haze, continues to flower profusely, showering my yard in her deep crimson blossoms and attracting hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

My Dainty Daisy’s

Daisy's Part II

Daisy’s Part II

Miss Dahlia's Newest Flower

Miss Dahlia’s Newest Flower

Finally today; I leave you with a short tale, as told by Miss. Snapdragon and her Sister, and a cute garden critter caught making his daily visit to the garden!

Orange and Yellow Dragons!

Orange and Yellow Dragons!

Compete with Pink Dragons!

Compete with Pink Dragons for Attention!

While Hoping to Avoid Mr. Squirrel's Digging Attention!

All the While Hoping to Avoid Mr. Squirrel’s Digging Attention!

Until next time…


~ Noah


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